All roads lead to gnome…

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For this gnome I used worsted weight wool and a 4mm hook. Size will vary with different yarns and hooks sizes.

I used a bit of black embroidery thread for the eyes.

I would classify this as an easy to intermediate pattern.

Short forms used.

MC= magic circle (see this tutorial on YouTube)

sc = single chain

INC = a single chain increase done by crocheting two single chains in one stitch

DEC = invisible single chain decrease (see this tutorial on YouTube)

*to* = repeat the instructions inside the asterisks around.

 Gnome Crochet Pattern 

Gnome Body

1) 6sc in MC (6) 

2)  Increase in each stitch around (12) 

3) *sc, inc*  around (18) 

4) *2sc, inc* around (24) 

5) *3sc, inc* around (30) 

 6) sc in each stitch around  (30) 

7) sc in the back loops only in each stitch around (30)  

If you prefer a smooth rounded body with no definition, sc around as normal instead of in back loops 

8) *4sc, inc* around (36) 

 9-12)  sc  around (36) 

13)  *4sc, dec* around (30) 

14) Sc around (30) 

15) *3sc, dec* around (24) 

16) Sc around  

17) *2sc, dec* around (18) 

18) Sc around (18)    

Fill with beans/weight and stuffing (see note below) 

Switch to face color using an invisible stitch   

19) sc around (18) 

20) *sc, dec* around (12) 

21)  Dec around (6) 

Stuff firmly and finish off.  

Note: To stuff, place a small amount of stuffing lining the inside. Place a small bag made from cut nylons or scrap material inside. Fill with dried beans (available at the grocery store). Sew off the top of bag and add more stuffing until full. Gnome will tip over if there are no weights/beans inside! 

Gnome Nose (in same color as face color) 

1) 4sc in MC (4) 

2) Increase in each stitch around (8) 

3-4) sc around (8) 

Add a bit of stuffing if desired or use the end string from the magic circle to plump up the nose. 

5) Dec around (4) 

Finish off leaving a long enough piece of yarn for sewing. 

Sew on right above the color change line.  

Use embroidery thread to make eyes in whatever shape you find appealing 

Gnome Beard in whatever color you prefer  

Note: row count does not include turning chain 

1) Chain 8, ch1 for the turn (8) 

in 2nd stitch from hook 

2) *Inc, sc* repeat until end of row,  ch1 and turn (12) 

3) *Inc, 2sc* repeat until end of row,  ch1 and turn (16) 

4) *Inc, 3sc* repeat until end of row,  and turn (do not make a ch1) (20) 

5) skip the first stitch, *3dc in the next stitch, skip the next stitch, slip stitch* repeat from * to * to end of row. This gives you a 5 scallop edge.  

Finish off and leave enough yarn for sewing.  

Beard will form a half circle with a half circle cut out in the top part which will fit under the nose. Place and sew. One side will be more textured than the other, use whichever side you prefer.  

You could also instead make a beard with yarn bits as you would with doll hair or make braids or use faux fur or fuzzy yarn, etc. You could even alter the pattern above to use bobble stitches.  

I made my gnome bald but you can add hair in whatever style or way you prefer.  

There are a lot of YouTube videos on adding hair to yarn dolls that you can check out. Find something that suits your fancy or holiday and have fun with personalizing your gnome! 

Gnome Hat 

Do not stuff or gnome may tip over even with beans or weights inside the body.

(For candy corn hat start with white yarn) 

1) 6sc in MC (6) 

2-3) Sc in each stitch around (6) 

4) Inc, 5sc (7) 

5) sc around (7) 

For candy corn hat only : switch color to orange 

6) sc around (7) 

7) Inc, 6sc (8) 

8) Inc, 7sc (9) 

9) sc around (9) 

10) Inc, 8sc (10) 

11) sc around (10) 

12) 5sc, inc, 4sc (11) 

13) sc around (11) 

14) Inc, sc 10 (12) 

15) sc around (12) 

16) *inc, 3sc* repeat from * to * around (15) 

17) sc around (15) 

For candy corn hat only: switch color to yellow 

18) *inc, 4sc* repeat from * to * around (18) 

19)*inc, 5sc* repeat from * to * around (21) 

20) *inc, 6sc* repeat from * to * around (24) 

21) *inc, 7sc* repeat from * to * around (27) 

22) *inc, 8sc* repeat from * to * around (30) 

Leave a long string and finish off by sewing round in each stitch to make a nice edge. 

Use snaps to attach to head. Sew the snaps on the head first where the ears would be. Then match up on the ones on the head and sew on. 

By making a removable hat, you can interchange hats and change your gnome as you desire for various holidays and seasons. 

You can decorate the hat with flowers or beads or personalize it anyway you’d like.

©Virginia Spencer,, 2022’s me..

I was wondering if after all this time
You’d like to see my blog…

I have been neglecting the old blog, there’s all sorts of cobwebs and paintbrushes laying about in here.

Sampson the purple dog is doing well. He is 13 now.  He had to have surgery on his leg to remove a tumor but it was benign, thank goodness. It was a ruff operation but it didn’t take him long to get back into his yoga routine.

He’s been pretty lonely since Zeus passed away. He grew up with three cats and Zeus of course was his nonstop companion. He was having fits every time we left him alone and let me tell you terrier fits are very very loud so in March we got him another friend.

This is Tallie, she’s a little girl lab. She loves Sampson so much even though she finds his chipmunk obsession bewildering. He seems to find her entertaining too.

She’s growing quickly and is already bigger than Sampson. She won’t get as big as Zeus was but she’s big enough now that she can reach the countertops and that has been loads of fun.

Arts and crafts wise I was so sure, I’d have all sorts of time with the quarantine to do stuff but nope, Life was like “Hey! You! Busy! Busy!”.

I did make a few animals. This is from a pattern on “All About Ami“. She has such great patterns. Check her site out.

This turtle is a combo of a few different patterns.  I really wish I had written down what I did but I think it’ll be easy enough to redo. The hat I made up with scraps.

I’ll be back soon with some experiments and such that I’ve been doing. Until then pass this lemon Bundt cake around and I will talk to you soon.

Recipe from King Arthur Flour’s website. Check out their advice on making Bundt cakes, if you’ve never made one before. I doubled the icing recipe because why the heck not.

©Virginia Spencer,, 2020