Miniature Crane Painting

Alright, so I’m not the most technological person. But at least now I know what a widget is. It’s  (and I hope the techno terms don’t go over your head) the thingy that puts little thingys over on the side of your page. Why? I don’t know. How? I couldn’t tell you. But I have widgets. Better than having fleas I suppose.

Here’s a crane.

 Acrylic, miniature, 3.5 by 2.5 inches.

©Virginia Spencer,, 2011

Hello world!


 I suppose my first blog post should be something terribly clever and interesting. But frankly I’d be impressed after diving into the blogging world with butterflies in my untechnological tummy if I could come up with a coherent thought. So instead here’s a pelican….

 Miniature acrylic, 2.5 by 3.5 inches.