How did that happen?

I took a little break and somehow almost two months went by!

Funny how that happens.

What happened was that I was kidnapped by a sea monster.

(“Octomonsteria” in ink)


Ended up in a pretty cool town under the sea, where Octomonsteria was promptly arrested for all sorts of misdeeds and general shenanigans.

It’s all very interesting but our storm alarm just went off and there is much thunder and lightning so I will tell you about it later!

Take care and keep your heads down and your umbrellas up!


©Virginia Spencer,, 2017








A Perambulating Possum

A pretty possum

Perambulating past.


Leaving radishes

On my window sash!

possum-radish-paws-small.Perhaps she lives

in a purple house

possum-house-ink-drawingWith other possums

and a little mouse.

They could drink tea

and dance in delight

mouse possum watercolor art paintingAnd when they are tired

They’ll say goodnight!

watercolor by Virginia Spencer.


©Virginia Spencer,, 2017