The Mummy…ooo scary…

The Dummy Mummy

A Poem

(with my sincerest apologies to Edgar Allan Poe)

Once upon a midnight dreary

Came a Mummy alone and weary

Stumbling! Mumbling! Wailing! Flailing!

Into my chambers he came sailing

“Oh Mummy!” spoke I, of days of yore

When I had first bought him from the store

His wooden limbs in the past did glisten

His head it tilted as he did listen

But now how the silken sadness of his wrapping

Was fluttering, flitting, ghastly, trapping

A young Dummy so sad his passing

And my sorrow was evermore


“Mummy!” cried I “Why do you walk!?!”

“Mummy” implored I ” Please, do talk!”

“Tell this soul with sorrow laden

With it’s drawings ever fading

Shall I ever see the Dummy I adore.”

Quoth the Mummy “Nevermore.”


Onto the floor I fell with a shriek

And through his bandages he did peek

And as I cried “Alas and Alack!!”

His wrapped phalanges patted my back

And he mumbled “What a Drama Queen..”

Then the Mummy loudly quothed

“Happy Hallowe’en!”



No drawing dummies were injured in the making of this post.

Though he did fall off the railing into the dog’s bowl of water and was slightly grossed out…



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