Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

This week’s Photo Challenge’s theme is Purple.

I was trying and trying to come up with something purple.

Had an idea floating in the back of my head..

Hmmm….What was I going to do?

Was I going to show you some sage?



Pretty, but no, no that wasn’t it..

Sammy, can you help me out?

Oh! I beg your pardon, I didn’t know you were in the bath.


How about the balloon flowers? They are a lovely shade aren’t they.


Also pretty but no, that wasn’t it either..

Sammy why are you laughing at me? I know, my memory is just terrible!

But considering how much stuff you have buried in the back, I wouldn’t mock if I were you.


Oh what a minute, I did use a purple filter on the Moon, I mean I was actually on the Earth taking a photo of the Moon with a purple filter…(Grammar will get you every time. So will gravity, come to think of it.)


No, no I’m sorry folks I just can’t remember what purple photos I wanted to show you…

It’s a shame really..

Why are you looking so frustrated, Sammy??

It’s okay, maybe this Purple theme will come around again..


We’ll try again next week.

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©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog, 2012