The Cage, the Clown and the Curse

Hanging in an iron cage

Above the weathered path

Was a smirking scowling

Absurdly demented

 Grinning psychopath

scary clown costume halloween.

Come here he said

With a sharp toothed smile

And let me tell you a tale

Of horror and gore

And murder and more

And such that will make you pale


Oh you macabre mime

With your twisted old rhyme

You do not scare me at all

Stuck there in your cage

With your lonely dark rage

You’ll be dead by the end of the fall


But he mocked me with glee

For on All Hallows Eve

When the shadows rode low on the ground

That evil old clown

One magic trick he had found

To free him precipitously


He cast on me

A vermilion curse

As he cackled over the boos of the hoard

To my utter dismay

I was now in his cage

And I had transformed into a gourd!


The last that I saw him

That gruesome old fool

He was dancing in the dying leaves

Cackling, spiteful

Insanely delightful


Happy Halloween!

scary clown costume Halloween.


©Virginia Spencer,, 2016

All rights reserved.

The Headless Dummy

pumpkindummy2©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog, 2013.


It was a dark and dismal All Hallow’s Eve

And the moon was hanging low

The wind’s icy touch reached through the trees

To a young soldier on the path below


He did not heed its warning

He spurred his stallion on

For he was to meet his sweet love

By the old stone mill pond


But she was a witch of evil intent

Who wanted General Washington’s plan

Traitors and she had conspired

To torture the soldier man


He saw her in the moonlight

Not noticing her vicious sneer

But as his horse drew closer

The moon’s rays made her evil clear


Alas it was oh too late

They had circled him fore and aft

The last sound that the soldier heard

Was the witch’s cackling laugh


And even though his body was ripped and torn

A bloodied welted mass

He would not give up the plan

To that scheming awful lass


And in her rage and fury

She wished the soldier dead

And with a shining silver knife

She severed off his head


She laughed as into the pond it went

She shrieked out a curse

“Your broken body will walk again

For your head, you will always search”


And with this awful epithet

They tossed him into a narrow hole

They spit and danced upon the upturned dirt

To hell, they condemned his soul


And on the next All Hallow’s Eve

When the moon was hanging low

The winds icy touch reached through the trees

To the shallow grave below


And in the light of the morning sun

At the old witch’s homestead

They found her jack-o-lantern missing

Replaced with her bloodless head


And still on an All Hallow’s Eve

When the moon is hanging low

A pumpkin grins atop a dummy

That lost its head long ago


And if you should ever cross this dark valley

And your soul fills with dread

Be wise my friends and do not dally

Or you, too, could lose your head


pumpkindummy©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog, 2013.

Happy Halloween!


In tribute to Mr. Washington Irving, 1783-1859


©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog, 2013