Happy Halloween!

In a malevolent chilling dance

The wind, it leapt and tore

Through the broken greying rows

It pushed on the old tomb door.




The skeletons inside, they cheered

For freedom they did want

They dreamed of stretching their thin bones

And of the souls that they would haunt


An iron mouse, it raised its head

A shiver went down its spine

But Dummy who was dressed as a ghost

Said “Oh Pal, it’ll be just fine!”


He went to the pumpkin patch with the mouse

And shrieked a ghostly “Boo!”

The skeletons, they looked aghast

And stuttered “W-who are you?”


“I am a wicked scary ghost!”

“I’ve come to steal your bones!’

“Oh no! We need them!” they all sobbed

With great big racking moans


They ran to the safety of their tomb

Locking the door, crying “You are mean!”

To the iron mouse, Dummy bowed

And said “Happy Halloween!”





©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog.com, 2014