Artist Trading Cards (or ATC’S, ACEO’s or minis, whatever floats your boat)

Recently I  joined a trade on Wetcanvas. For those who aren’t sure what I’m talking about. An ATC (artist trading card) is about the size of a baseball card and can be in any medium. And you trade them like baseball cards to other artists. It’s fun, you get to meet artists all over the world as well as being  great practice. Plus it’s nice to get real mail once in a while as well.

If you’re in this trade with me stop reading this until you get your mail.  😀

The theme of this current trade I’m in was Animals. Here’s a couple I did. These are all the size of a baseball or playing card..they will appear larger on your screen then they actually are. These are all acrylic, except for the skunk which is pen on acrylic.

Hope you enjoy.

Dummy is off on vacation. I am hoping to join him soon!

©Virginia Spencer,, 2011

17 thoughts on “Artist Trading Cards (or ATC’S, ACEO’s or minis, whatever floats your boat)

  1. you let dummy go on vacation with out you? Can he be trusted?????

    These are lovely. I’ve seen the blank ATCs in stores but never knew what to do with them. I like your paintings very much. Especially the giraffe. I was just thinking about doing a giraffe myself.

    BTW, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to use the wetcanvas site. It’s horribly designed and I have no idea how to navigate around it. I’ve signed up, but then I just go there and stare at the home page and then leave.

    1. 😀 We’ll see, if he behaves. I’ve had a very stern talk with him but you just never know with Dummy.
      Wetcanvas is having some serious tech issues. It’s an older site and unfortunately the techs haven’t been able to keep up with all the changes. It’s a shame because it’s a great site IF you can get around it!
      If you’re on your home page and can see the blue bar at the top, click on “Content Areas”. A drop down menu will show. From there you click on “Discussion forums”. (and then save that page in your favorites to make it easier) I hope that helps a bit, there’s a lot of good info on there.

      1. OK, thanks. I will give that a try. But don’t be surprised if I come back here saying I couldn’t figure it out. Sometimes I think Dummy and I probably have the same amount of brain power.

  2. It’s a good thing you finally posted. I was going to ask Dummy what he did with you! Never thought of doing the miniatures – do you use a magnifying glass? My old eyes have trouble with a 16×20!

    1. Thanks June! I meant to when I started a blog to paint more often but I get so easily sidetracked 🙂
      I use small riggers and small flats and that’s about it. Occasionally I paint big, but it seems harder to do that after painting so small!

  3. I’ve never done ATC’s. Have viewed many, though, and think it a great idea, as you stated, here. Really drawn to the tiger image and the horse silhouette against a peach sky.

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