Mount Rushmore…

We set out one day to find Mount Rushmore. We drove on winding roads lined with dark forests on a gloomy overcast day. As we rounded a corner in the road, I caught my first glimpse of a rugged granite face. A ray of sun came out and danced on that noble face of the man who refused to become King.

After all the silliness, kitsch and generally amusing tourist traps, I did not expect much.

I did not expect to be charmed. But I was.

I did not expect to be awed. But I was.

I did not expect to be touched. But I was.

I did not expect to be humbled. But I was.

What an enchanting and beautiful memorial.

©Virginia Spencer,, 2011

14 thoughts on “Mount Rushmore…

  1. Mount Rushmore looks so beautiful. Magnificent. Imagine all the work that went into carving and getting the proportions right. It’s just mind blowing. You must have been gob smacked when you first saw them.

  2. Nice work of photographing something that millions of people do – in your own way and with your own vision. I really like the way you brought the colours in the rock out. And the close cropping. Very nice. My favourite is Washington.

  3. This is amazing. You can see all the curvatures of the wood, very well done. The eyes seem to tell the character. In the third picture he looks really sad that guy, or about to make a big decision.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks! It’s all carved out of a granite mountaintop actually. The third man is Teddy Roosevelt. He became president of the US after the assassination of President McKinley. No doubt he had some serious thoughts. He was the man that originally said “Speak softly but carry a big stick”. He was also the man the Teddy Bear was named after.

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