Carp(e) diem

Fish fish fish!!

I wish wish wish

for a dish dish dish

and some tartar sauce…

Beg your pardon…I didn’t know you were listening.

There’s Henry and Fred and George and Tyrone and Mary and…

No wonder this little bird went over to the wallaby enclosure for a bath.

The wallaby didn’t care, he was rolling in the leaves.

I hope he’s careful, there’s something lurking in the bushes..


Say what!?!

Run away! Run away!



©Virginia Spencer,, 2011

15 thoughts on “Carp(e) diem

  1. How fun this must have been for you! And yes, for me too, looking at the pictures. Enjoyed them very much, in fact. My favourites might still be the ones from the fish pond – even if they are less about fun than colour and movement.

  2. Hey V! (my littlest sister, who I do remember), Just catching up on your blog, it just keeps on getting better all the time! I love the pictures of the carp (hint hint, just in case you have been desperately wracking your brain for last 10 months about what to get me for Christmas, you can now relax for the next two). The colours are fantastic, which is a welcome contrast to the blizzard outside here today. The other thing I really like about the pictures and the art is the way it portrays what is around you, the colour, the detail and the zaniness (is that a word?). So unlike Yvonne (bossy second youngest sister 🙂 ) keep doing what you want, its obviously working. Blogs are great, I am happy everyone can see what you do, very proud of you. – Love, Sherry (oldest sister, complete science geek). P.S. I agree with Jason above, dinosaurs are totally cool.

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