The Eagle has landed…

The Eagles have landed! The Eagles have landed!


I live in an eagle nesting area. This year has been so warm that not too many have been around. Then we had a week of snow and cold and the eagles are here. If it snows they will come..

Four eagles (two adults, two juveniles) sitting in a tree by the Mississippi River.

Duck!! I mean Eagle!!

Eagle! I mean Ducks!

Run Away!

Claude the goose, slowly sidled towards the portal to Narnia, hoping that no one would notice his absence.. sadly a large hungry lion was waiting on the other side..

His goose was cooked.

Where’s Claude? Oh no!!

“I didn’t do it!!”

Eagle!! I mean Ducks..oh come on now. Stop that.

Ducks are so dramatic.

Meanwhile back at the slough..

Stan the Gull practiced his new routine..

“Just me and my shadow..walking down the icy way..”

Only the gullible would pay to see dum chh..

Gull darn it. Don’t roll your eyes at me.

Fine, leave then..

I’ll just show everyone this acrylic mini, ATC size (2.5 by 3.5 inches)

It’s a cow on a roof. I think that’s pretty much self explanatory.


©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog, 2012

33 thoughts on “The Eagle has landed…

  1. I love the colours of the mallards. And I can’t believe that the eagles put up with you so. I also love the minis of our trip out east.

    1. Thanks! The cow unfortunately is gone already but I’m thinking of doing a larger one. Well for me that’s like 3×5 inches. I’ll let you know and you can let me know if you like it or not. (I’m cheap though :D)

  2. I am really impressed by the pictures of the eagles. And it’s quite amazing that you were able to capture four in one picture. The other pictures are lovely, too, I guess I am just a little biased when it comes to eagles. It’s quite a wonderful selection of bird pictures as a matter of fact.

      1. The 300 mm makes it even more amazing that you were able to get such a close-up picture of the eagles. You must have been really close. And it must have been quite an experience for you to get this close to these gracious birds.

  3. Since the most interesting bird I ever get to see is the occasional wood duck, I am considering moving into your backyard. I’ll just set up a little tent and you’ll never notice me.

    Also, cow on roof. I’m going to be giggling all day about that one.

      1. I will live in your duck blind and provide you photos of all the shy critters that pass by!

        Yellow Bellied Sapsucker has to be the best bird name ever. My parents have a few that frequent their yard, but they aren’t too shy there. They also have a pair of Barred Owls that are nesting in the pine tree in front of the house and have seen them out and about in the morning. Which makes me wonder why I live in the city now, the most interesting bird I’ve seen in the past few months has been a Cardinal. Heck, I get excited to see crows these days!

        1. I think there’s something dead back there right now, all the scavenger birds are coming in droves and last night the coyotes were out there too. It’s creeping me out. I just watched a bunch of zombie movies so I am not going to go see what it is.

      2. The something dead is not me. Though if I were there I would be looking for it in hopes that I could find a cool skull. Now I have the urge to go to the forest preserve and do some off-trail ramblings…..

  4. Phenomenal pictures of the eagles and ducks. What a blessing to live near such beauty! I love your cow on a roof. It made me smile out loud. oxo

  5. I came over from Totsy’s. The title drew me in a whole bunch. Then I saw Zeus who looks very much like my Harry and I was hooked. Your photos are fabulous and I love your paintings too. Very talented!

  6. Some of these shots you managed to capture are amazing. I loved the eagle in full flight with his wings spread . . . that would be a great post if the subject of ‘freedom’ comes up. Anyway, if you are not aware, Eagles have a midlife renewal process. I posted a little article about it on my own blog if you care to check it out . . . “Aging Eagles” that that briefly describes their transition at around 40 years old.

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