There’s a humming in my ears…

No, no, not the lightning strike, that was a ringing…

This is a definite hum…


Couldn’t figure it out but then I stumbled into this conversation.


Two hummingbirds walk into a bar..

Left hummingbird:   “HI!”

Right hummingbird:   “Hello.”


Left Hummingbird:  “I can make a feather on my head stand up!”

Right Hummingbird:   *blink * *blink*


Left Hummingbird:   “Try it, Dude!”

Right Hummingbird:  “That’s too weird for me.  I’m outta here.”


Left Hummingbird:  “Hey! Where you going? Can I have the rest of your drink?..Dude?…”



Sparrow:  “Was that supposed to be funny?”

Nuthatch:  “I didn’t think so.”





Did you know that peacocks can fly?

I didn’t know that until I saw this guy.



And when peahens sleep they look like they’re dead.

And if you go kick them to see if they’re okay, they bite.



And sometimes Meerkats act real trampy.



And my neighbor thinks this sculpture is a lighthouse.



Don’t look at me like that.

I’m not judging..I’m just saying…

Hey, look at the pretty flower!






©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog, 2012


9 thoughts on “Hummmmm….

  1. I’m so jealous with all the varieties of birds you get to see in your backyard. I had a crow wake me up this morning…squawk squawk…I could have killed him. Beautiful flower.

  2. Love it ! I think if you kicked me when I was asleep I might bite too ! 😀
    Thanks for the smile … no, I didn’t just smile, thanks for making me laugh out loud. 😀

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