This is my mother standing on the World Trade Center’s 107th floor of the South Tower while it was being built. My father was an electrical engineer who worked on it and my mother bribed the construction workers to let her go up there.


world trade center towers


While she was up there taking photos, I drew little square elephants on some of the girders that were waiting to go to the higher floors.

I know logically they were lost in the devastation and tragedy of that day and I know that it matters not a bit.

But somewhere in the back of my mind where I’m still a very little girl, I picture my elephants dancing and playing with the souls of the lost.

And while I grieve for all, I wish for them an eternity of joy and love.

And peace.
Always peace.


9/11 peace elephant.



©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog.com, 2014

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