Ode to a Turkey

There is a turkey in my yard
I don’t know what he wants

He struts to and fro
And yells oh such nasty taunts


He waggles his wattles
And snoozles his snood


And he blocked the driveway
Cause he’s in a fowl mood

But I will not let him
Get to me


For instead I have painted
A watercolor tree.

watercolor tree blog art.

The End



©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog.com, 2015


Baby, it’s cold outside..

Things to do when it’s cold.

You can watch the sunrise.

sunrise©Virginia Spencer, 2014.

Then run amok and do handstands.

ZeusSammy©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog, 2014.

You could play Charades!!

(Here Sampson is acting out a scene from the movie “Tremors”.
He’s a huge Kevin Bacon fan.
Mostly because his name is Bacon.)
Sammy4©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog, 2014.

Or dance the Tarantella.

turkey4©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog, 2014.

Do a little miming.

(See he’s walking in the wind…)

nuthatch©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog, 2013.

Or challenge a friend to a staring contest.

(But trust me, you’re going to lose this one.)

eagleclose©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog, 2014.


Singing©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog, 2014.

Or meditate

meditate©Virginia Spencer, 2014.

Or catch that red dot!

Zeus1©Virginia Spencer, 2014


Invite some friends over for dinner.

Share a drink.

wchumm©Virginia Spencer, 2014.

And watch the moon rise.

MoonJan©Virginia Spencer, 2014




©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog.com, 2014

All Rights Reserved



Blog open after maintenance..

House maintenance that is.

I’ve been painting up a storm lately. Well I’ve been painting up after a storm.

It rained and poured for forty days see days see

It rained and poured for forty days see days see

It rained!

And poured!

And stormed like crazy, baby

And it created a hole in my roof

So we ended up with a new ceiling in the garage, which we needed as it was. So that was okay.

I am awfully tired of white paint. It took many many coats of paints, I have blisters.

My husband being a smart man was away on business.  I did have some help though.

Until next time…when Dummy attempts to cross the backyard on an elephant…

Will this brave adventurer survive? Or will he be eaten by wild baby turkeys…

Or mauled by emerging cicadas..

(the ones with Elizabeth Taylor eyes are especially dangerous)

Or outwitted by Fox snakes pretending to be rattlers, those naughty naughty boys…

Stayed tuned for further developments…


©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog.com, 2011