They like me! They really like me!

I hereby formally acknowledge and accept this lovely Versatile Blogger Award from roseribbonblog.

Thank you, what a lovely thing to do. Dummy is beside himself.

His head is so swollen he looks like a lollipop.

As part of the acceptance of this award I’ve been asked to tell you seven random things about myself. So here goes…

1) I grew up in Canada. Every now and then I get so homesick I have to phone one of my sisters so I can hear the word “about” pronounced properly.

2) I had been dying my hair for so long that I didn’t actually know what color it really was. So I let it grow out. And it was gray.

3) I have an invisible cat (The I-cat). She does exist but nobody ever sees her so maybe she doesn’t. I think she used to belong to some guy named Schrödinger.

4) There are a few things that drive me up the wall about the Midwest. Not having vinegar on their tables in restaurants is one of them. They will put butter on anything that moves. But ask for vinegar and they think you’re strange.

5) I like vinegar on my french fries.

6) Last week, I put a photo of a mole, my husband caught in our yard on Facebook. We let him go because he is so cute that I don’t care if he digs holes in my yard.  I soon noticed that all my friends in the States and Europe commented on what a lovely guy he was while my Canadian friends and my sisters asked me if he bit or fought. So now I’m wondering what the hell is wrong with Canadian moles? Is there some kind of super vicious Canadian attack mole that I don’t know about? Has there been a mole uprising? Do moles even have teeth? Fangs? Will “T’is only a mole” be my last words?

I waste a good deal of time thinking about things like this.

7) I talk to Dummy. He has yet to answer. I like that about him.


Oh! I knew this was too much for Dummy.

As soon as he heard, he popped the champagne and just had to start bragging to Mr. Service Award.

Mr. Service Award is a stoic sort (eunuchs often are) , he’ll be ok.

Thank you again!  And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go stop Dummy from swinging on the chandelier…