And now for something completely different…

After a long visit from some in-laws, my brain is too fried to paint. Or even put my studio where someone was sleeping back together.  So here are some photos of how I entertained myself while visiting Joggins Fossil Cliffs in Nova Scotia with my sisters last year.  I did not find any fossils (my sisters did though) so I decided to play with the rocks instead. 




 I have a painting in my head so I’ll be back to normal soon, whatever normal is.

18 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…

  1. I love the second one! You are very creative…….and your paintings are beautiful!

    I love painting…it is my way of relaxing, but I am not very good at it….I am definitely not able to paint anything that resembles anything in real life haha I really admire your skill – wish I could do the same thing! How long does it usually take you to finish a piece?

  2. Love this post! I found you on the WordPress Forum, “Let’s find people with similar interests”. I recently started an art blog. I am sure I will be featuring you in a post or two in the future – I have bookmarked your site – it’s great.

  3. Love the first and last photos especially… our local beach is sand, but guess what I’m going to be inspire to do next time we are on one with stones LOL? (let’s face it the kids already think I’m mad, and I think it’s a brilliant idea to leave something totally natural and inspiring for other people to stumble across and discover)

    Art and Inspiration comes in ALL forms… (I need to remember that more often).

    Beautiful post!

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