Drawing Dummy Adventures

I’m in a bit of a painting funk right now.

So I took my Drawing Dummy out and told him to pose.

Well he took right off and led me on a merry chase.

“Here I am!” he said while climbing a pile of lumber…

I nearly caught him by the garden but he hid under a Gerber Daisy…

I went to grab him but he was so enchanted by a marigold, I didn’t want to interrupt.

Then he saw me and hid in the Purple Salvia!!!

Then he was gone…

So I can’t draw today.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


16 thoughts on “Drawing Dummy Adventures

  1. That was funny and creative. I’m in a bit of funk painting now but I have been writing quite a bit. Nice photography, by the way. That certainly isn’t my specialty.

  2. That’s what I call creative experiments! 😀 Bit of weirdness, still with an intention in the mind when doing the ‘masterpieces’. Today art is unfortunately either for money or a way for artists to present themselves as very ‘serious’. So fresh to see, someone breaks the wall with humor..
    Maybe it doesn’t really fit to this topic, but a few days ago I started a weird kind of ‘artwork’ too. Let’s call it a gallery of noses. Monthy Python would like it i think, maybe you will share your 2 cents about it too?! 😉 It’s in the very beginning, so, not yet Wooow!, but in a year, who knows… I’m curious to hear/read opinions from openminded peoples.

    (sry for my bad English)

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