Can’t see the forest for the trees..

Well I did an abstract. Really I did. I didn’t do it to be cool or groovy . I did it because I wanted to portray the existential relationship between the forest and the trees while concentrating on the internal forms of a forest rather than a pictorial representation so as to show the analogous effect of ..oh hell, I can’t keep that crap up. I did it because I really like that picture frame and since I was fixing a hole in the wall I had a whole lot of Spackle leftover.

Note! It’s very hard to take a photo of something like this, with the textures and all. So please excuse the bad photography. It’s a fair size, the long size being about four feet. Seeing as most of my pictures are about 2.5 to 3.5 inches long, it was a bit different.

A close up..

See what I mean, isn’t that a great frame.

And on the side, I threw this little one together, it’s about 3×5 inches. A quickie acrylic. The photo I used came from Wetcanvas‘s Image Reference Library, so thanks to the contributor for sharing it. I may do more on this, I may not. I’m still thinking about it.

10 thoughts on “Can’t see the forest for the trees..

  1. I like these, vastly different of course, perhaps I like the second one better, its so serene and you can almost smell the fresh air! And the frame, the frame is amazing, I see why you had to do something to fill it!
    And I like the photo of purple Sampson… he’s obviously really into paints…

  2. I really like your paintings. I love the colours in the second one – especially the walls of the building and the way you’ve blended colours together for the surrounding land. Beautiful sky too. When you look at it you get that slightly giddying effect – as when you look up at a skyscraper against the sky. It’s really lovely.

  3. Hey Purple Dog! Thought I would comment, since I regularly stalk your blog. First I have to say that when I open it and see that violet muzzle, it makes me smile every time! I also love the simplicity of many of your paintings. They have a really nice feeling. And there is just something about this abstract. Maybe because I do so love the forest, but for whatever reason, it is serene and calming to me.

  4. Sherry and I were discussing this picture…is that the frame of a painting Mom had hanging up in the house. I believe it was titled “House in the Woods”?? Hmmm?

    1. Yup it is. It was “Shack in the Woods” by Franz Johnston. You know what’s funny. I looked it up because I couldn’t remember if it was Frank or Franz and I found the exact one with the exact frame and the little brass nametag even. They must have made quite a few of them, I ended up finding several of them online. I still have the print part but it’s filthy.

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