A final note on 9/11

This is a photo of my mother. She is standing on an unfinished floor of the World Trade Center.

My father had worked on it as an electrical engineer. My mother bribed a construction worker to let her go up.

We watched it being built. It broke our hearts to see it fall.

Our deepest thoughts and sympathies go out to all those who lost so much that day.

7 thoughts on “A final note on 9/11

  1. Great photo! Do you know what floor she was on in this photo. I watched the towers go up…I watched them come down. I have never been the same since. Thanks for remembering.

    1. She was between the 107th and 110th floors. She’s pretty sure it was the 107th.
      I remember the construction workers were so nice. They let me draw square elephants all over the girders and they gave me oatmeal cookies. I don’t think anyone was the same after that day.

  2. Thanks for sharing this photo. Sad for all the families whose lives were changed forever that day and sad for our society since, strange to always be looking over one’s shoulder, life with a tint of foreboding. The ingenue is no longer.

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