Duckzilla and the dancing chickadee…

Once upon a time, in a land far away (well not too far away, I mean it was actually quite close) there lived a terrible monster.

Grrr! it said! “I will stomp on EVERYTHING!” it said.

“Everything in the water” it clarified for all who were listening.

“I am Duckzilla!” it yelled for further effect.


Then it tripped.

And it was so mortified, it came out of the water, shook itself off and behaved itself for the rest of it’s life.



Meanwhile, back on the ranch, a chickadee was doing the Hop.

“Let’s go to the Hop..oh baby”


A swan was having a serious chat with some fish.

Swans do like to carp.


As a heron eavesdropped for any good tidbits of gossip.

He was very koi about it.


A real monster stared cross-eyed at the tree fuzz on his nose and wished he didn’t have hayfever.


While a little dog begged for a treat.


So he was given one and all was well.


And everyone was happy.

.The End.




©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog, 2012

23 thoughts on “Duckzilla and the dancing chickadee…

  1. When everyone is giving you praise, I just want to be mean…but Sarah won’t let me. I love birds and the photos are really cute. I hate dogs, but Samson is cute (in photos).

  2. Great stuff of birds! You’ll see a hummingbird, heron …and a stork real photos that we took also. Stork was in Germany when we stopped during a bike trip.

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