Avian Obsessions

I, yes I! I have been accused of nefarious misdeeds.

Contemptible, despicable, nefarious misdeeds.

I have been accused of …(oh the horror)…of


Sure I occasionally take photos of birds..

Like this pelican I saw today over the Mississippi.


And  this one is actually a photo of a turtle. The black swan just jumped right in and hogged the shot.

Black Swans are like that.


Speaking of black swans, did you know there are also black ducks?

Yes, yes there is.


And in this shot, the sparrow  landed right on the lion’s fence. I was taking a photo of the fence to make sure it was secure and all.

What a showoff.


As for this odd little goose, I don’t’ even know what it is.

But it’s so pretty…


This Canadian goose appears to be up to something. I had to take his photo, lord knows what he’s planning.


And you know peacocks are soooo vain, he insisted I take his photo.


Oh sure I know what you’re thinking..

Excuses, excuses…

I mean it’s not like I’m following them home..

(baby wren)


Or watching them bathe..

(Mourning dove)


Or eat…



Some of them like this bird  (I don’t what it is) come right into my house, well my garage anyway.

This one looked so haughty, he obviously wanted his photo taken.


I mean I can stop anytime..



Seriously it’s not a problem..

Ignore the skeptical look on his face, eagles always look like that.

They’re very cynical birds..


People can say what they like, to me, it’s water off a duck..


I can, yes I can do other things

Like right now for instance, I’m feeling creative.

I’ll take a 3 x 5 piece of card and some construction paper and some glue and I have my scissors and and…



Okay, maybe I do have a small bird stalking problem.

A very small problem, I’m sure no one else has noticed yet.

Raise your hand if you’ve noticed..


Alright then, that’s it.

Unless I see another cool bird.

I mean I can’t quit cold turkey.


{Note to self…remember to check spelling of “obsessions” before naming post “obessesions”….Oops.}


©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog, 2012

17 thoughts on “Avian Obsessions

  1. Funny!

    And never trust a Canada goose…they’re always up to something. Why, I bet it was the goose that persuaded all those other birds to sneak into your perfectly innocent pictures just to embarrass you! Yep, that’s it, the goose did it.

  2. My dear Virginia,
    I’m not really sorry for calling you a bird stalker, because look at the results! The weird goose looks like an Egyptian goose, the garage bird is a baby cedar waxwing and the flicker is actually a downy woodpecker. We all really enjoyed this entry in your blog. I just hope you don’t turn into the big bird lady of Niagara Falls.

    1. Lol, I think you’re right, that is some kind of Eastern goose, they wander all over at the zoo and by the zoo and so on. Once upon a time they were only in the zoo but they’ve expanded. It’s funny, the cedar waxwing, it flew right in while we were painting the garage and looked as if it was doing an inspection. It had that black mask on so I wasn’t sure if it was bandit or some nefarious criminal bird.
      Thank you! 😀

  3. I just stumbled upon this group of pictures with captions and had such a good laugh. Whoever you are taking these pictures I want you to know I enjoyed it so much! Adorable captions. Fantastic pictures!

  4. And the reason I have to laugh is because I too have recently become a bird stalker. 🙂 I love watching all the live owl, eagle, hummingbird and hawk live cameras. I was surfing the web looking for information on a baby Mourning Dove I found yesterday. And your sight came up. What a delight.

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