Welcome to the jungle…

I’ve been brain-dead for a few weeks, not feeling terribly creative, forgot how to paint, the whole moody artist bit.

Blah whine blah.

So I went to the zoo.

(and no I didn’t have any children with me)

We have a pretty decent little zoo here. It’s not big, but the animals are sociable.

The Jaguar who is a big big gal was in a mood. She was huffing and puffing and making some strange noises. I never realized until today that a mad Jaguar sounds like a cow in heat. I swear she was mooing. Right after I took this photo, she shredded that piece of wood she was laying on like it was paper.

copyright belongs to Virginia Spencer

The leopards are so pretty.

Excuse the bars. For some reason they won’t let me in the cages.

©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog.com,2011

©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog.com,2011

The bobcats were frisky, I could have watched them playing all day. They are very small compared to the other cats. They’re not much bigger then Kitten, granted Kitten is a fat ass but still.

©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog.com,2011

©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog.com,2011

And the lion of course was being lazy. I read in the National Geographic that lions are one of the few animals who can sleep as much as they like. Makes sense, who would be silly enough to wake them up.

©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog.com,2011

And just so Kitten doesn’t get jealous of me showing all these cat photos…

Kitten in pencil.


©Virginia Spencer, thepurpledogpaintingblog.com,2011

21 thoughts on “Welcome to the jungle…

  1. Virginia, these photos are incredible. I particularly like the spotted leopard that was so comfortable looking at you. He really liked you. I bet he would like his portrait painted! Excellent work, as usual!

  2. Nice to see the bobcat. Our neighbors say we have one in the neighborhood that has been attacking domestic cats. Now I know which one not to try petting !

    You are a great photographer !

    1. The bobcats are so funny. They act just like house cats and were meowing their heads off and running around chasing each other.
      I hope the cats in your neighborhood stay safe. It would be odd for a bobcat to attack a house cat, I wonder if it’s a coyote or coy-dog (those wild coyote dog mixes, they’re dangerous). Bobcats smell horrific, think dirty filthy kitty litter times 100. If they’ve been around you should be able to smell them. They spray like crazy.
      Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

  3. Wonderful pics, with comments. I love going to the zoo too. I like the drawing of your cat watching the bird….how frustrated cats get doing this.

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